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Treehouse Psychology began as an outpatient clinic dedicated to the mental health needs of children and their families facing complex medical and mental health issues. Over the years, Treehouse has evolved and expanded its services, and is now primarily focused on providing clinical consultation and expert neutral and objective forensic evaluations both in the community and at the request of the court. Our evaluations include brief and comprehensive psychological and neuropsychological evaluations, psychosexual, violence and sexual risk evaluations and specialized child evaluation. We also offer professional consultation to businesses, mental health organizations, social services and child protection, educational settings, correctional settings and legal personnel. We also provide professional trainings, continuing education trainings and workshops, and psychoeducational seminars.

Dr. Varga is the owner and founder of Treehouse Psychology, PLLC.  Dr. Varga is a clinical neuropsychologist offering expert evaluations to legal professionals, social service and community agencies, medical specialists, correctional settings, and the judicial system. Dr. Varga has extensive clinical experience and expertise in the areas of pediatric neuropsychology, medical psychology and forensic neuropsychology. In clinic, Dr. Varga provides psychological and neuropsychological services to infants, children, and adults with complex medical and psychological disorders, neurological injury or illness, developmental disorders, rare genetic conditions, and trauma. She specializes in the assessment of individuals with prenatal alcohol and drug exposure, neurological injuries or insult secondary to traumatic injury or medica injury, toxic exposure, infectious disease, and rare genetic disorders. Dr. Varga is available to provide autism evaluations, developmental assessment, and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) evaluations on a limited basis at the request of a medical professional. Dr. Varga provides individual therapy to adolescents and adults on a select basis as well as parenting consultation and support.  Outside of clinic, Dr. Varga provides expert services that include Independent Medical Evaluations (IME), Expert Consultation and Expert Witness and Testimony for legal cases involving criminal and litigation matters such as accidental and intentional injury, medical malpractice related to injury or negligence, and personal injury.


Dr. Jorgensen is a clinical psychologist providing neutral, objective and professional clinical and clinical-forensic evaluations to individuals ages 14+ for a range of concerns. Dr. Jorgensen provides evaluations to social service and community agencies including child protection, correctional settings, law firms, psychiatry, and the judicial system. She also offers expert psychosexual evaluation at the request of the court, legal personnel or private parties. In clinic, Dr. Jorgensen offers individual diagnostic evaluations, psychological evaluations, and psychotherapy. She specializes in violence and sexual risk and psychopathology, mood disorders, and trauma. 

Dr. Hull is a clinical psychologist completing his post-doctoral fellowship at Treehouse with an emphasis in clinical and forensic psychology. He provides diagnostic assessments, psychological evaluations, and
psychotherapy to individuals ages 14+ for a variety of mental health concerns. His areas of interest include anxiety and depression in teens and young adults, and addressing the mental health needs of men and boys associated with adjustment to life stress and trauma. Dr. Hull completed his pre-doctoral internship at the Federal Medical Center-Rochester, where he provided individual and group treatment to patients diagnosed with severe and persistent mental illness. He has expertise in conducting initial and annual forensic evaluations addressing mentally ill and dangerousness opinions for the Federal Courts. Throughout his training he has worked in a range of state and federal correctional settings providing crisis intervention, therapy and assessment to individuals with SPMI, personality disorders, and combined MI/CD issues. Dr. Hull completed his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at Fielding Graduate University, with an emphasis in Forensic Psychology. He completed his Bachelors and Masters of Science in Clinical Psychology at Western Illinois University.

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