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Civil and Criminal Forensic Assessment

Forensic evaluations are typically completed at the request of the court or a legal professional. Such evaluations are not typically reimbursed by insurance, as they are not considered medically necessary. Individuals needing a forensic evaluation should contact our clinic to inquire regarding cost. These activities include communications, meetings with legal professionals, document review, testimony preparation, expert testimony, affidavit or depositions. Currently at Treehouse we offer the following forensic evaluations:

  • Diagnostic Assessment

  • Risk Assessment

  • Rule 20.01/20.02

  • Certification

  • Psychosexual Evaluations

  • Psychological Evaluations (age 4 & up)

  • Psychological Evaluations with Parenting Capacity

  • Neuropsychological Evaluations (age 2 & up)

  • Independent Medical Evaluation (IME)



Our providers are experts in a number of areas and can be scheduled for continuing education sessions, public speaking events, or consultation. 


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