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​Treehouse Psychology is an out of network provider.  Most of our services, with exception to IQ testing, legal and forensic evaluations may be eligible for reimbursement from insurance. Under our current financial terms, the patient or patient’s legal guardian is responsible for full payment for services at the time of service. We are able to provide a Super Bill that contains all of the dates of service, billing codes and other necessary information that you can submit directly to your insurance company. Your insurance company will send any payments to you, if those services are deemed eligible. Psychotherapy clients will receive a monthly bill and assessment clients will receive this with their final report.  It is your responsibility to check with your insurance company regarding out of network coverage and whether the services rendered and billing codes we use will be reimbursed. We are unable to guarantee that you will be reimbursed any funds from your insurance.

Diagnostic Assessments last 60-90 minutes and are billed as 1 unit of 90791. Additional units of 96130 and 96131 may be billed.

Individual Psychotherapy sessions are 45-50 minutes and billed as 1 unit 90834.

Parent Consultation/Support sessions are 50 minutes, billed as 90847 or 90846.

Psychological Evaluations require an initial patient meeting of 2-4 hours. It can take 4-6 weeks to complete the process. Billed as 8-12 units 96130 and/or 96131.

Neuropsychological and Neurodevelopmental Evaluations require an initial patient meeting of 4-6 hours. It can take 5-7 weeks to complete the process. Billed as 6-12 units 96132 & 96133. 

IQ Testing requires an initial patient meeting of 2-4 hours. It can take 3-4 weeks to complete the process. Not billable for insurance.


Initial Diagnostic Assessment (90791) $500.00

Individual Therapy 45-50 minutes (90834) $175.00

Family Therapy 50 minutes (90847 or 90846) $225.00

Psychological Evaluation Services per hour (96130 & 96131) $250.00

Neuropsychological Evaluation Services per hour (96118) $300.00

IQ Testing $650.00

Late Cancel or Missed Appointments $150.00

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